Bug Sweep Company – TSCM Services

Technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) or known as “bug sweeps” involve the skilled use of specialist equipment and training which enables a comprehensive physical investigation of an area and a thorough analysis of the electromagnetic spectrum.

This investigation will neutralize the threat posed by any eavesdropping devices or electronic bugs which have been placed at or located near to a specific target area. Modern eavesdropping devices are relatively cheap and easy to obtain online or abroad.

Whether commercially or privately, if you have concerns that you are vulnerable to technical surveillance attack at your place of work, home or in your vehicle, we can alleviate those fears by conducting a full TSCM bug sweep.

We provide our services throughout London & Scotland to law firms, multinational companies, trading houses, NGO and government-linked companies.

We will also conduct a bug sweep on family offices,  private homes and vehicles as part of our service list.

Service List

Mias provide a comprehensive list of services to protect your valuable information and data safeguarding your privacy and reputation.