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Electronic Bug Sweep In Liverpool

Mias TSCM was asked for a electronic bug sweep of a sensitive device. We used our x-ray device with us to look inside the sensitive article. We were very cautious not to damage of any sort to the sensitive article which was challenge. Above is the video of our electronic bug sweep, using this method […]

Electronic Bug Sweep Services | London(UK)

  Mias TSCM provide electronic bug sweep to protect your valuable information and data safeguarding your privacy and reputation. Bug sweeping is likewise alluded to as Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM). Our investigation will neutralize the threat posed by any eavesdropping devices or electronic ‘bugs’ which have been placed at or located near to a […]

bugging device use increases through ecommerce platform

Amazon has been accused of encouraging stalking by featuring dozens of GPS tracking devices on its website aimed specifically at suspicious partners. The devices allow stalkers to track their victims, listen to their phone calls and even operate the camera on their computers. Under UK harassment laws, spying is illegal if it causes ‘distress or […]

Bug Sweep – Hidden Cameras Can Be Anywhere

A 36-year-old Antioch man suspected of secretly videotaping adults and children in the bathroom of a trampoline park has been charged with four criminal counts, according to authorities and court documents. Richard Charles Rocha is charged with felony possession or control of child pornography and three misdemeanor counts of invading privacy by device. Police arrested […]