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Why One Should Hire Professional TSCM Expert

As surveillance gadgets are getting cheaper, which is often termed as the bugs, anybody could spend a minimal money and start invading your privacy. The most noticeably terrible part is, you wouldn’t realize that your security is being compromised until you consult specialized TSCM (technical surveillance counter-measures) expert or bug sweeps. While there are various […]

Services Offered by TSCM or Bug Sweeping Experts

TCSM represents Technical Surveillance Counter Measures also known as bug sweeping, and it is professional business domain which deals in counter surveillance services. A top-notch TSCM expert is expert at detecting and expelling removing spy gadgets for securing the privacy of the clients. There are a various services these professionals offer to keep their clients […]

Bug Sweep Glasgow

  Bug sweep services Mias have contacted by one of the client for office bug sweep. This [above] image comes from the RF analysis captured during a sweep of an office in Glasgow the biggest city in Scotland. Unfortunately we haven’t had a sweep since the recent 5G  launch were hoping to have a sweep […]

Electronic Bug Sweep in London

This short video demonstrates  one of our operators  searching for hidden camera lenses throughout the room, These pinhole cameras can be hidden within many everyday objects found in a normal room from clocks and ornaments to alarm motions detectors. We conducted this sweep in an undisclosed property in London ” Thank you to the client […]

TSCM Sweeps On Super Yachts

The rich and powerful often own or charter luxury yachts for their enjoyment as well as the enjoyment of their equally rich and powerful friends and associates. Everyone on board is there for a relaxing day in the sun or to enjoy a weekend or longer vacation. Guests on board could be well-known celebrities, political […]

Sub Contract TSCM Services

With the increasing demand for Technical Surveillance Countermeasures services, many companies have recognized the importance of providing TSCM in order to meet the needs of their clients. However, many such companies are unable to provide TSCM programs in-house and must rely on outside providers. Mias Consultants ensure your clients are provided with the highest quality […]

TSCM sweep of a private house scotland

It is usually assumed that  Mias TSCM only sweeps for corporate clients, But this is not the case we have been commissioned to sweep countless private residences, From one bedroom flats and studio flats to large mansions and country retreats. usually, these sweeps take place because the clients are in the middle of messy divorce […]

Conducting A Bug Sweep In Manchester, UK

conducting a bug sweep of a clients car Two of our operators travelled to Manchester to conduct a TSCM survey of a clients vehicle to search for GPS tracking devices and GSM listening devices luckily for the client the search proved clear. Mias TSCM  have operators who travel both nationally and internationally to safe guard […]