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How to choose the right bug sweep team

bug sweep kit

Eavesdropping technology can be so cheap that most anyone with nefarious intent can plant a bug. At the most rudimentary level, all it takes is a device costing as little as £15 from eBay hidden in an out-of-the way nook .Once upon a time a device was large battery hungry and could be picked up […]

More than 170,000 sign up for NHS volunteer scheme within hours, as Trump hopes to ‘reopen by Easter’ and US agrees $2tn stimulus package

The NHS has asked for 250,000 volunteers to help it fight coronavirus as Britain’s death toll reached 422 overnight. In the US, Donald Trump has expressed his desire to “re-open” the US by Easter, and Democrats and Republicans in Congress have agreed on a $2tn (£1.7tn) stimulus package which they will vote on later. Elsewhere, […]