bug sweep services

Buildings Bug Sweep Services

The scope of work covered during a bug sweep services

The bug sweep services would start with a technical and physical search of the property perimeter searching for hidden cameras and GSM interceptors being within the locus. Then we would enter the property and initiate a full spectrum scan comparing signals from outside the property with signals within the property using a high gain antenna attached to a spectrum analyzer with this we will also RF map each room of the sweep while doing this we will also undertake and overlap the following search methods.

  • Broadband locate near field transmissions within the room
  • Use thermal analysis on the walls and ceiling to find devices
  • X-Ray any objects to search for hidden integrations
  • Use an NLJD to search for dormant electronics hidden with the room
  • Use UV light technology to search for indiscretions on paintwork and dust
  • Wi-Fi analyses of each room
  • Physically explore each room including removing lighting and electrical fittings
  • Insert video scopes into the wall and ceiling voids non-destructively to examine for devices
  • Use laser diodes to search for wireless camera lenses
  • We will search for hard-wired cameras using electromagnetic detectors
  • Using specialist tools, we will search for fiber-optic microphones
  • Bluetooth and DECT analysis to search for parasitic devices
  • Use infrared technology to scan windows for infrared and laser microphone attack
  • Check for sub-carriers on the electrical lines
  • Check for devices on the telephone lines
  • Search for GSM interceptors

In addition to a bug sweep service, we offer live meeting monitoring where after the team have conducted a tscm inspection of the area they will stay in situation and live monitor the radio spectrum during a meeting or delegation.

Hotels Bug Sweep Services

Many meetings and delegations are conducted in hotels and their meeting facilities. But do you know that these hotels do not provide TSCM as part of their onsite security service.

So even if your company have countermeasures in place in the office and vehicles you still have a weakness the minute you leave your secure place of work.

Mias offer an offsite TSCM check for companies where we will conduct sweeps on bedrooms and Meeting areas before any meetings take place, we will then conduct meeting monitoring scanning the radio spectrum for audio and video transmissions emitting from the meeting rooms during important talks.

All this work is carried out professionally discreetly.

Vehicles Bug Sweep Services

We offer an extended security inspection service for executive vehicles. MIAS can conduct a Electronic TSCM inspection of executive vehicles prior to or during times of important or confidential business activity.

We also offer a bug sweep consultation service with a focus upon the physical and operating security arrangements in use around corporate vehicles.

Our personnel have extensive experience in the fields of covert surveillance and tracking. The types of technology, methods of deployment and restrictions of surveillance equipment vary greatly between different types of vehicle and location. We fully understand all these conditions and can draw on their unparalleled experience to deliver a proportional and professional vehicle search service.

Mias also conduct TSCM inspections of aircrafts and yachts these vessels are regularly used for meetings, discussions and contract delegations the advantage being they can be in tax havens and offshore they can also be in the relevant countries for the tax and law jurisdictions.

But these vessels are sometimes on lease or lay dormant in aircraft hangers or docks during non-use periods and at these times there is very little security on board, Mias have the experience and equipment to conduct TSCM inspections on these vessels quickly and discretely.