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What is Maritime Security? Why Is It Important?

Maritime security is probably the most recent popular expression of global relations. Notable on-screen characters have begun to remember sea security for their order or reframed their work in such terms. Sea security is a term that causes to notice new difficulties and rallies support for handling these. However, no universal agreement over the meaning […]

How to deal with superyacht security system

yacht security

Here we describe about the most effective method to secure your Luxury Yacht. Dangers come in all shapes and sizes; burglary, misrepresentation, surveillance, criminal harm, viciousness, attack of protection, and theft/wrongdoing adrift. Broad measures of cash are gone through every year by universal associations, governments, proprietors, sanctions, and team administrators for the sake of more […]

Professional Standard Broadband Detector And Spectrum Analyser For Bugs Sweep

Prefessional Broadband Detector

Standard broadband detector and spectrum analyser are robust tools to identify and detect local radio-wave radiation devices, otherwise known as RD. Electronic Bugs can be used for unauthorized data transfer through different radio channels. Some of the bugs that can disrupt your life heavily are telephone radio retransmitter, radio-microphones, wireless stethoscope, cargo or vehicles tracking […]

How to choose the right bug sweep team

bug sweep kit

Eavesdropping technology can be so cheap that most anyone with nefarious intent can plant a bug. At the most rudimentary level, all it takes is a device costing as little as £15 from eBay hidden in an out-of-the way nook .Once upon a time a device was large battery hungry and could be picked up […]

More than 170,000 sign up for NHS volunteer scheme within hours, as Trump hopes to ‘reopen by Easter’ and US agrees $2tn stimulus package

The NHS has asked for 250,000 volunteers to help it fight coronavirus as Britain’s death toll reached 422 overnight. In the US, Donald Trump has expressed his desire to “re-open” the US by Easter, and Democrats and Republicans in Congress have agreed on a $2tn (£1.7tn) stimulus package which they will vote on later. Elsewhere, […]

Mias Tscm Electronic Bug Sweep Work Worldwide

Over the last thirteen years, Mias TSCM has operated worldwide working for clients throughout Europe, North America and Africa bringing there knowledge and experience to you anywhere in the world usually within forty-eight hours. We have to associated paperwork to visit countries with our equipment to perform electronic bug sweeps on offices, homes and vehicles […]

Understanding Bug Sweep and Why You Need the Help of a Professional

listening devices

If you are someone who is working in a commercial area, then you will understand the importance of bug sweep because your company might be under threat at all time. Your company data might be at risk and losing these valuable data could mean losing a lot of money as well. To make sure that […]

How Can I Sweep My House For Listening Devices?

checking for hidden camera

  If you are concerned that someone might have hidden a small listening device in your home or if you suspect that there can be a bug in your home, then there are ways to detect a listening device. However, don’t forget that effective bug sweeping can be done through a professional bug sweep company […]

Beware! Your Airbnb Rental Can Have Hidden Cameras!

Airbnb is a popular home rental service provider. And people like us trust it wholeheartedly to book private properties to rent a space for a few days and live a luxurious life, thinking that everything is safe because you have booked it on Airbnb. But there is a dark side to it, which is coming […]