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At Mias we successful provide bug sweep/counter surveillance service in a fast-moving world, which means we ensure our experts have up-to-date skills & knowledge in identifying and eliminating the threat posed by implanted bugging devices without drawing attention to their activities.

The circumstances in which people or organizations are subject to surveillance are complex. Contact us today.

Warning Signs of being under surveillance:

  • Consistent or irregular interference shows up on electronic equipments such as TV, radio and wireless communications.
  • You are losing quotes or tender with minimal margins.
  • You find that third parties are quoting or referring to the contents of your private documentation.
  • Change in telephonic network quality like interference or fluctuations on the line.
  • You see that electrical attachments, divider plates or installations and fittings have been moved from their previous position without any scheduled work took place.
  • Your office or home has been burgled with very little loss or nothing at all was taken. This could indicate the main purpose of the break in was to plant bugging and eavesdropping equipment.
  • If someone break into office or home and there is minimal loss of anything. They motivation behind the break in was to plant bug and eavesdropping equipment.


If you fear or under impression of being watched or monitored, you can always call us and our experts would deploy the countermeasure to eliminate the threat and would advice you on how to protect yourself under such circumstances.

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