Why Is Cyber TSCM Important?

We have been involved in Bug Sweep for the last twelve years now and every year were seeing changes the bugging devices are getting smaller with narrow bandwidth, video images can be transmitted clearer and faster around the world and there is store and forward devices where the device is listening all day then sends its recordings at predefined times through a public or its own private WI-FI network it can even be a recording device the size of a thumbtac. These devices have to be installed in the target room or onto a phone line connected to the target room with these devices there is a risk of the attacker being discovered installing a device or recovering a device.

But there are also new attacks under the term of exploits. Data is constantly moving around devices and networks we have WI-FI cameras, smart assistants like Alexa, childrens toys and office equipment that use the IOT protocols without proper security an attacker can exploit these devices, networks and their connections.

Mias detect eavesdropping threats and vulnerabilities within Bluetooth, DECT, WI-FI, and the cellular networks.

  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth signals are captured, analysed and located
  • WI-FI: WI-FI signals are captured, analysed and located
  • DECT: DECT signals are captured, analysed and located
  • GSM: GSM Signals are detected analysed and located also all GSM towers are analysed for fake towers and IMSIE catchers.