Electronic Bug Sweep

Electronic Bug Sweep

the reasons to conduct a bug sweep

Private clients 

Most people think bugging only happens in the movies or within big multi million companies, But this isn’t the case there are many situation reported in the media  where a camera, tracking device or listening device has been used on some unsuspecting person who isn’t the CEO of a multi national company id any of these factors affect you maybe you should commission a sweep even for just your own piece of mind.

  1. Moving into a new : the previous owner could have left a spy device behind
  2. Buying a car: there could be a tracking device placed within the car and the previous owner might have a spare key.
  3. Recently broken from a relationship: ex partners are know to spy on their estranged partner especially before divorce proceedings.
  4. After refurbishing your home tradesmen might have left a device.

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