How Can I Sweep My House For Listening Devices?

checking for hidden camera


If you are concerned that someone might have hidden a small listening device in your home or if you suspect that there can be a bug in your home, then there are ways to detect a listening device. However, don’t forget that effective bug sweeping can be done through a professional bug sweep company only. However, you should try these ideas.

The first thing that you need to do is examine your surroundings carefully. These listening devices can come in different size and shape. They might look like a pen drive, a calculator, and else. Check all the furniture in your home meticulously and use a flashlight to check for a listening device. The same approach should be taken while sleeping on the bed. Maybe there is a hidden device right under your pillow and you don’t know about it.

If you see some white dust on the walls of the baseboards, may be there is a tiny patch on the wall, then you should check that area for sure. Door locks or window locks shouldn’t be left out as well. Remember to run the listening device, the device will be using power, so look for additional USB cords. Do you see any WI-FI networks? This can help you locate a listening device.

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