Sub Contract TSCM Services

With the increasing demand for Technical Surveillance Countermeasures services, many companies have recognized the importance of providing TSCM in order to meet the needs of their clients. However, many such companies are unable to provide TSCM programs in-house and must rely on outside providers.

Mias Consultants ensure your clients are provided with the highest quality professional TSCM services performed by experienced and trained TSCM operators, providing both confidence and credibility. We manage the entire process from beginning to end, eliminating the mystery and uncertainty often associated with contracting such services.

Mias Consultants offers its specialised TSCM services on a sub-contractor basis, enabling companies and organizations to provide quality professional TSCM services for clients of all sizes from individuals to large corporate and government organizations.

We provide a one-stop solution to all your customer’s technical security requirements whether it be a one-time inspection or ongoing program for single or multiple locations throughout the UK and Europe. In addition, vehicle, aircraft and marine vessel inspections can be offered as a stand-alone service or included as part of a regular TSCM service when requested by a client.

Our specialized TSCM services are performed under your company name and we never contact your client directly unless instructed to do so.Our professional and ethical standards based on integrity not only ensure confidentiality with all your customers but also eliminate any conflict of interest issues.

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