We Are Now Open For Business

Like many companies, Mias took the decision to cease operations during the Covid 19 pandemic and during this time we have not made any operators furloughed.

We have made the decision that the time while many companies still have their staff working from home would be a good time to schedule a TSCM  and cyber TSCM sweep. our operators are willing to enter the offices as long as they have been empty for 24 hours and conduct sweeps, our operators are all highly skilled using the most effective equipment available to detect illicit devices.

We are caught up with getting ready best practice data and preparing material to convey for all intents and purposes to our customers to assist them with managing the progressing dangers during this period and to get ready for when typical tasks can continue. Updates will show up on our News page, or don’t hesitate to connect with us for any exhortation and support.

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