Using The Latest Technology For RF Analysys

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RF analysis  has changed 

For a while bugging transmitters were getting more elaborate and trickier to find using RF analysis you were finding devices becoming commercially available that could be programmed to be switched off by remote control if the attacker knew that a bug sweep team were in the building, the device would send its data out over a frequency hopping or spread spectrum signal they could be even sent over a signal that was both spread spectrum and frequency hopping and all encrypted so no one can accidentally tune into the signal.

These signals were proving difficult find with older equipment but with the release of the Winkleman raptor and the REI Oscors these devices were once again easily found by proficient TSCM operators.

Now with the release of SDR radio receivers by signal hound and Thinkrf  and amazing software by Radioinspector and Kestrel  a proficient electronic bug sweep team know no boundaries.

Miastscm use this equipment as part of our array of tools we use to protect our clients and use on a daily basis if you would like to learn more about Rf analysis contact us we will be happy to discuss in more detail how we can help protect your valuable information.

TSCM Software

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