As proficient countermeasures operators we have invested considerable expense and time procuring the highly specialised equipment needed to detect the ever-changing array of listening devices.

Although there are countless private detectives offering spy bug sweep services for £199.99 and numerous spy shops and spy stores keen to sell their ‘black box’ bug detectors’, realistically there are only a handful of professional TSCM teams in the UK each equipped with in the region of £200,000.00 worth of dedicated search kit accompanied with years of  experience & we are one of these such companies.

We have been involved in Technical surveillance countermeasures for over twelve years working in different arena`s both at home and overseas.

We have had a range of finds from cheap eBay bought devices to more high-tech foreign governmental devices we know how to deal with the situation when we have one of these finds.

Our electronic bug sweep team can involve up to eight operatives depending on the sweep commissioned, These operatives have worked with in TSCM for over twelve years, Some are ex-military, which does not mean they trained through military but we state to detail that they are disciplined operatives, and others learned their craft through commercial means.

We are up to date with the latest bugging equipment and techniques using our sources and connections to learn about new developments and methods; we train in-house monthly and run tests for our CPD.

We serve the World

We operate throughout the world providing bug sweeps and critical information protection.

We have operated throughout the UK, Europe, and Africa for global energy clients, biochemistry clients, and an Intergovernmental organization.

Rapid Response

When there is an immediate need for a Bug sweep as a reactive measure:
Example Scenario: critical or confidential information leaks to a competitor or is reported in the press. In this instance, Technical Protection’s rapid response teams are available to assess security breach concerns and can swiftly mitigate any continued risk by carrying out an intensive countermeasure sweep.

In addition, this service supplies a detailed post inspection report that highlights any security measures that should be taken as part of continued best practice. One of our sweep teams can be anywhere in the UK within eight hours and anywhere in Europe within twenty-four hours.

Sub Contract

With the increasing demand for Technical Surveillance Countermeasures services, many companies have recognized the importance of providing TSCM in order to meet the needs of their clients. However, many such companies are unable to provide TSCM programs in-house and must rely on outside providers.

Mias TSCM consultants ensure your clients are provided with the highest quality professional TSCM services performed by experienced and trained TSCM operators, providing both confidence and credibility. We manage the entire process from beginning to end, eliminating the mystery and uncertainty often associated with contracting such services.

Mias Consultants offers its specialized TSCM services on a sub-contractor basis, enabling companies and organizations to provide quality professional TSCM services for clients of all sizes from individuals to large corporate and government organizations.

We provide a one stop solution to all your customer’s technical security requirements whether it be a one-time inspection or ongoing program for single or multiple locations throughout the UK and Europe.In addition, vehicle, aircraft and marine vessel inspections can be offered as a stand-alone service or included as part of a regular TSCM service when requested by a client.

Our specialist TSCM services are performed under your company name and we never contact your client directly unless instructed to do so.Our professional and ethical standards based on integrity not only ensure confidentiality with all your customers but also eliminate any conflict of interest issues.